Government Contracting Basics

Essential Things to Know Before You Start Government Contracting

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Small Business Government Contracting is Different! | Image: Shutterstock

The lagging economy and impacts of the pandemic to the US economy have forced many businesses to look for more stable ways to keep their teams working. …

Small Business Federal Contracting Opportunities

The Biden / Harris Administration Will Change Spending Focus

Infrastructure will be key in 2021
Infrastructure Spending Will Be Key to 2021

The one thing we know about 2021 is that there will be an adjustment in the focus and spending from federal agencies. As the transition happens, it is becoming clear that policy changes and leadership agendas will directly drive investment.

This broad-based change will mean an increase in opportunities for…


Build Meaningful Change

A transparent, effective, and equal justice system build stability and fosters growth in all other sectors. Rule of Law Program Support is a cornerstone capability of the Framework for Progress. …

Systematic Capacity Building

Citizen-Centric Transformation for Infrastructure, Civil Society and Economic Security

Community resilience to both large and small scale disasters depends on an approach designed and implemented to be compliant with laws, guidelines, and standards — yet adopted on a local level by the citizens and other Framework for Progress bridges the…

Government Contracting Basics

(Long Form) Basic Steps to Bid for Government Contract Opportunities

First, a Few Words About RFPs

There are many variations on the federal Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Most of those variations do not impact the basic steps for small businesses to locate, vet, and respond to identified opportunities.

Remember, if it seems overwhelming, just keep…

Government Contracting Basics

Free Information to Begin (and Continue) the Government Contracting Journey

A quick search of Google will yield no end to the list of firms willing to help you find information for small business contracting. Of course, they all want to be handsomely be paid for that bit of knowledge.

As a small business new to the government contracting world, almost…

Government Contracting Basics

What Your Company Needs to Win

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Why It Matters

Unlike the commercial world, where profit and marketing drive many business decisions, government acquisitions officers are primarily looking for solutions that meet their requirements with the lowest risk. Of course, price is always a factor, but on many awards a very small one.

Contracting staff look for two elements to…

Happy Fiscal New Year!

With the beginning of the new year, let’s watch the money open up and let the funding begin!

FY21 Business Development Plan

Stand Out in FY21

Have you built your opportunity roadap for FY21? There’s no better time to plan than right now!

Watch for an upcoming article on how to build an opportunity vetting plan to ensure your company has the best chance of success!

8(a) Minority Owned Small Business

Government Contracting Basics

Registering as a Vendor in SAM.GOV

Regardless of your company’s industry, to do business with the federal government you will need to be registered as a vendor in the System for Award Management, otherwise known as SAM.GOV.

It’s a free and — relatively — painless process, but it can seem intimidating to some. …

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